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Welcome to Virginia's 'Vision' of Beautiful Cats


If you want a "very special kitty", you've come to the right website!

CFA registered Cattery since 1981

Expert Breeder & Shower of Color Point Exotics

Breeding for... excellent health,
sweet purr-sonality, and delightful beauty!


Please email: or call (909) 626-1867


 All Vision cats & kittens are CFA registered and PKD free.

Above is Vision's Cartoon at 6 weeks of age.
The picture (to the lower-right) is a picture of Cartoon at 1 yr. of age. He's a very handsome, sweet-natured seal point exotic male who is currently siring kittens!

Exotics are a unique breed of cats that is, in essence, a shorthaired improvement  upon the flowing coat of the classic Persian breed.   

For over 30 years I have been breeding and showing pedigreed cats pursuing my 'Vision' of healthy, sweet-natured, and beautiful Exotics.

Please visit my Contact page for information about me, as a person and breeder of these WONDERFUL CATS!

Information that might be of interest to persons interested in buying cats/kittens from me:

After teaching in California public schools for over 25 years, I am a retired elementary school teacher who loves kitties, too. I have been breeding and showing pedigreed cats, especially the Exotic breed, since 1980.

My cats are very much loved and each kitten is held often and lovingly raised from birth.

Nutrition is a great interest of mine and I take great effort to feed an excellent home-made raw meat diet, with many excellent supplements added, and Royal Canin dry food.

My kitties are my hobby, but since I can't keep all my kittens, I must sell some of them to special people, whom I feel will be loving and responsible in their ownership. If you are that kind of person, I'd be pleased to communicate with you about buying one of my kitties.

The method that I've found best for my customers, my cats and myself is that I put pictures of my available kittens on my website when they are 4 or 5 weeks of age, or older. The best situation is for a buyer to come to my home and pick out/up a cat or kitten. When that isn't possible I am happy to send pictures and discuss the individual characteristics of kitties in order to make a 'good fit' for a new owner and a kitty. Kittens are usually ready to make the adjustment to a new home between 9 and 12 weeks of age.

I have shipped cats and kittens to many states in the USA, as well as to many countries, without any bad experiences, to-date.


Virginia Relf

(909) 626-1867


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